Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Kingbirds Eastern Kingbird - You might confuse this bird with the Eastern Phoebe, but note the wing bars and the white tip on the tail.
Couch's Kingbird
Couch's Kingbird differs from other yellow-bellied kingbirds in Texas because he has NO WHITE EDGES on his tail. (He also has a longer bill and a darker eye patch.) This bird is common to the Rio Grande Valley, migrating into Mexico for the winter.

Scissortail Flycatcher (Seen in The Woodlands, TX)

Scissortail Flycatcher  
Eastern Phoebe (Seen in The Woodlands, TX)
Eastern Phoebe Eastern Phoebe
Vermilion Flycatcher
 Vermilion Flycatcher (male) Vermilion Flycatcher (male)
Great Kiskadee
Great Kiskadee - This is a large flycatcher (9-3/4") that even catches small fish.   He can be found in South Texas, then down into Mexico.