What beautiful birds! Most are medium-sized, chunky, with somewhat heavy beaks. The North American species show a great amount of difference between male and female - the males in breeding plumage are very brightly colored while the females are dullish green above, yellow below (which might make you think you were looking at an oriole, except the tanagers seen in Texas have heavier bills and no wing-bars.) 

Summer Tanager (Seen in The Woodlands, TX!!)

 Sometimes it's hard to believe it's the same bird!  This is the MALE Summer Tanager (above), and (below) the female.  This bird seemed to be about the size of a cardinal, but you can see that the beak was different.
  We had this little lady in our backyard, migrating in August. We were SO hopeful that she would bring a stunning red mate into the yard as well, but after a week she left.  Alone.

2011 - I was filling the suet feeder, and a red male landed on the line just 2 feet away!!

This little immature is (guess what!) a male!!