Eastern Screech-Owl

Only 8' tall, these little guys actually have a low trilling whistle, NOT a screech!  The bill of the Eastern screech-owl is pale green-yellow; the western's is black. Look at the size -- those are his TOES in the doorway! (Like the bluebird, screech owls often rely on homemade nesting places, as deforestation has removed much of their natural habitat.)
Great Horned Owl (Can be found in The Woodlands, TX)
The Great Horned Owl is a huge bird, with glowing yellow eyes.  We thought we saw a huge bump on a branch while hiking -- imagine our surprise when we discovered this sleeping giant (photo on the right). This is the owl that has the familiar 3-to-8 deep hoots, the 2nd and 3rd combined resulting in a 

hoo hoohoo hoo hoo !!

Barn Owl (Seen in The Woodlands, TX)
Homemade nesting places provide homes for the Barn Owls as well!  Compared to other owls, these guys are much more tolerant of people. Note the distinctive hear-shaped face. The Barn Owl is a very silent owl, and only emits a strong hissing screech if he is bothered near his nest.  They have fantastically acute hearing, which makes them super nocturnal hunters!